Monday, March 14, 2011

Week in Review...

I know its a Monday and it is supposed to be the start of the week, but I didn't blog last week so here is a quick update...

Had a great time at home for Maria's is the gorgeous Momma to be!!! She is awesome and is going to be a great Mommy!

We started a walking challenge last week at the office. If you walk a certain number of steps each month you get a raffle ticket. After nine months they will draw one of those tickets and the winner gets a free trip for 2 anywhere they want to go!!! Needless to say I am walking my little heart out!

In light of the walking challenge some of us have taken to parking in the back of the parking lot. And parking in front of each other...

My Brother's Birthday was Tuesday. I got to see him for a small moment on Sunday while I was home and gave him his present. He is the best and I am so proud of him!!!

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. Which of course marked the beginning of my fast which I will do everyday until the day before I leave for London. Which means I will be carb, sugar, coffee, red meat, and kind of dairy (still eating eggs) deprived for the next 40 days. Fun Times!

This weekend I went to a local record store and found a used but in great condition album for my parents. It's a band called Orpheus from the late 1960s and "Can't Find the Time" was my parent's song when they were young teenagers in love. Its awesome.

Lastly, yesterday was Volunteer Appreciation night at Advance, the student ministry at Forest Hill. It was so fun and such an encouragement to me. My high school girls prayed over me and the staff gave me this print that all my girls signed. I am so blessed and honored to work and share life with these awesome girls!


kendra said...

um... i refuse to believe that Maria is actually preggers in that picture. it looks like she is just sticking her stomach out and arching her back.

maria said...

Did I mention how wonderful it was to see you my sweet friend?
Also Kendra do no be fooled by my well posed pic... I am a human explosion. :) But your vote of confidence is super encouraging.

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