Friday, March 25, 2011

28 goals for my 28th year...

In honor of my 28th Brithday on Sunday (hint, hint) I decided I need some goals for this year. People tell me 28 is a good year. So here's hopin'

1. Grow closer to Jesus each day.
2. Go to London-almost completed- I leave in one month!
3. Take the time to listen more and invest into people.
4. Finish this semester with my sweet high school girls, and commit to praying for them while they get ready for college!
5. Learn to play guitar (have had one for 13 years. I think its time)
6. Volunteer more.
7. Plant a garden.
8. Own a beach bike.
9. Get out of debt!!!
10. Start saving to buy my own house.
11. Go to Ireland and Scotland.
12. Visit my sweet Maria after she has her new Baby!!!!
13. Go see another living legend in concert.
14. Paint my Fireplace. It will happen eventually ;)
15. Workout consistently. This has begun. Got to keep it up!
16. Journal more.
17. Be a good aunt and invest more of my time in my nephews and niece.
18. Be a considerate sister, and grow closer to my siblings.
19. Celebrate my 10 year high school reunion!!! Man that makes me feel so old ;)!
20. Don't miss opportunities to show Jesus' love!
21. Blog More.
22. Meet new people and expand my circle of influence.
23. Send people actual mail. Not email!
24. Take more time to explore the city I am blessed to live in.
25. Try new foods I have never had.
26. Take a cooking class.
27. Walk more! (got to keep tracking those steps!)
28. Take more Pictures!


Lorni said...

Love it! These are some great goals!

kendra said...

you inspired me to finish my list. finally.

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