Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tickets, Tickets and more tickets...

Last time I was planning a big trip I was a little OCD on the whole itinerary thing. Which if you ask me worked out great...not sure if my sister would agree seeing that I had to be a little bit of a task master on our European adventure. On one hand we got to see everything she wanted to see and then some; on the other, we were go, go, go and had some free time but it was a pretty tiring journey. This time around I have been a little more relaxed in my planning of what I am calling, London Part Deux. One thing I do know is that there are several plays/concerts I am saving up to see while I am there...they are...

Handel's Messiah at Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Choral Society and The Royal Philharmonic are putting on a performance of Handel's Messiah at Royal Albert Hall on Good Friday. I think this would be a perfect way to start my Easter Weekend in London.

Royal Ballet Cnderella
Mixing my favorite Fairytale with a Ballet twist. I am super excited about this. I have never seen a ballet live before and I can't wait.

The Children's Hour
This play is starring 2 of my favs...Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen from Mad Men. They are performing in this play through the end of June. It looks pretty intense, but I am curious to see them both in real life.

Flare Path
Starring Seinna Miller (Jude Law's ex love) in this 1942 WWII love story. You know how I am a sucker for a good Love story, and it is getting really good reviews.

We Will Rock You
Have been wanting to see this since the first time I went to London 6 years ago. Musical based on the songs of the one and only Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody anyone?

Now I just have to decide what I have the funds for? Fingers crossed I get to see them all ;)


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