Thursday, October 27, 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

This past weekend my friend and co-worker Erin and I went to NYC. I hadn't been in a while and let me tell you it was long over due. We had so much fun, ate lots of awesome food, and did a lot of walking and shopping. Sweet Erin was a real trooper considering I dragged her on 2 modes of transportation she hates an airplane and the subway. We were blessed with perfect fall weather and it was an awesome time. Here it is in pictures along with some outfit catch up as well ;).
Day 20...

Shirt-Urban, Skirt-Gap, Shoes-J. Crew, Bag-Express

Lunch at 5 Leaves in Brooklyn...soooo good!

Day 22...Literally everything I am wearing on this day is from J. Crew....I have a problem I know.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

I brought home 3 bars of Chocoalte...its all gone now :(

A little walk across the Brooklyn bridge

The Garden of the Secret Restaurant

Hudson Clearwater....AKA The Secret Restaurant

One of my favorite NYC Skyscrapers...the Flatiron Building

A new park on the Lower West side on Manhattan...the Highline. So much fun and so pretty

Day 23....Cardigan-Urban, Jeans and Top-J. Crew, Bag-Aldo, Scarf-Limited

Washington Square Park

Billy's Bakery in SOHO....I had a Pumpkin Cupcake and it was awesome

The famous Katz's Deli....Erin and I split a pastrami sandwich...I'm going to be dreaming about that sandwich for a long time.

One of the few pictures we took of us....and then realized we were seeing double.

Dinner at Balthazar in meal of the weekend

Erin taking a picture of her food.

FAO Schwartz legendary giant could be yours for $250,000.

Skaters at Rockefeller

Radio City Music Hall

Day 25...Jeans-J. Crew, Boots-Frye, Top, Jacket and Scarf-H & M

Day 26...Skirt-Limited, Striped Tank- H&M, Shirt-J. Crew, Belt and Bag-Aldo, Shoes-Nine West
Sadness... I realized I never took a picture of days 21 and 24....hmmm...may have to recreate for continuity purposes ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo Fail...

Ahhh!!! I didn't realize how far behind I was....please forgive me for my lack of outfit posts....had the best of intentions but oh well...
Here are days!

Dress-Anthropologie, Cardigan- J. Crew, Boots- Frye, Bag-Aldo, Necklace-Forever 21

Jeans-J. Crew, Tank Top-Target. Lace Jacket-Anthropologie, Bag-Aldo, Necklace-Targer, Bangles-H&M. Pumps-Dillards

Top and Jeans-J. Crew, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters, Boots-Steve Madden, Bag-Forever 21

Top-Anthropologie, Jeans-J.Crew, Bag-Forever 21, Flats-Target

Jeans-J. Crew, Top-Gap, Scarf-Limited, Bag-Aldo. Flats-Target

Dress and Cardigan-Forever 21, Scarf-Limited, Flats-J. Crew

Top-Urban Outfitters, Skirt-Limited, Peep Toes-Dillards

Jeans-J. Crew, T-Shirt-Gap, Cardigan-Limited. Flats-Target, Necklace-Forever 21

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out with the Old...

So last week was a pretty busy one around the Sulkirk House. My sweet, wonderful parents were in town and that meant lots of home improvement projects were in the works.
The front of my house got some new landscaping...which included finally getting ready of some overgrown bushes.

This is the house before...

And this is in progress...

I don't have an after picture as I am waiting to grow some grass....but here is a glimpse at some of the pretty plants we put in...

The other major project was a new floor and hot water heater in the laundry room....
Goodbye nasty linoleum...
Hello pretty tile!!!

And finally here is a picture of my handy man pops....working on the oldest, most frustrating dish washer of all time...

He's a good poppa!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Style Challenge Days 10 and 11

Realizing today that I am almost half way there. I haven't had any what am I going to wear today moments yet, but I have been trying to pick stuff out the night before to help be more efficient in the mornings.

So here are days 10 and 11-

Polka Dot Top- J. Crew, Skirt- Banana Republic, Bag- Forever 21, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Necklace- Target

Top- Zara, Jeans- J. crew

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

This week has been crazy so please forgive my lack of posting. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few of my outfits for the week, but getting on the old Blog and posting has been a challenge....My parents have been in town and have been doing some work at the house....I'll share more on that later.

For now here are days 4-9...

Jeans, Denim Tank, Cardigan-J. Crew, Bag-Express, Shoes-Dillards, Necklace-Forever 21

T-Shirt-Gap, Yellow Caridgan-Urban Outfitters, Pink Skirt-J. Crew, Bracelets-H & M, Necklace and Handbag-Forever 21, Belt -Aldo

Black Dress-Limited, Jean Jacket-Gap, Boots-Frye, Bag-Express, Necklace-Target
Jeans and Shirt-J. Crew, Striped Tank-Gap, Bag-Forever 21
Yellow Top and Jeans-J. Crew, Purple Flats-Target 

Denim Shirt and Jeans-J. Crew, Rainbow Striped Tank and Bag-Forever 21

I am finding out a few things....
1. I have way to many Striped Tops
2. I shop at J. Crew too much- (Seriously, the sales assistant called me by name the other day....not good people, not good)
3. Weekends are really hard...Saturday I spent most the day looking pretty busted beacuse I was running around Pet sitting and doing something at the house, so the fact I was able to even throw on jeans and a shirt is a miracle.

Anyway....Day 10 and I am a third of the way there...Polka Dots today...will post a picture tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Style Challenge Day 3 and Childhood Nostalgia

We are on to Day 3...and another outfit revolving around stripes....I am realizing that I have a lot of striped tops....maybe its a problem...or I am secretly worried I will be sent to prison for a crime I didn't commit.
Top-J. Crew, Jacket- Banana Republic, Jeans-Levis, Purse-Forever 21, Boots-Frye

Can we talk about these boots for a minute...they were expensive and worth every penny. Frye boots are great and will last you forever. I promise.
 *Ok so here comes the side note...Most of you who have known me throughout my whole life know that from the ages of like 5-12 I loved American Girl Dolls. My Dad was given the catalog back before Mattel bought Pleasant Company out and there were only 3 dolls available. I remember carrying around that catalog and tearing it to shreds looking and dreaming. I got my first doll, Samantha at 7 and proceeded to collect 7 more dolls over the next 5 or 6 years. They were my childhood. This past summer my niece has rediscovered her love for these dolls and I discovered that my collection was worth a lot of money. So I asked my parents to bring them down to Charlotte this week while they are here visiting and I am selling NOT ALL, but some of my collection. My mother warned me that I may have second thoughts. She actually started crying when she brought it all down from the attic to load into the car. She was right...It is currently stacked up in my bedroom and all those nostalgic I wish I was 7 again feelings have come back. I'm still selling part of the collection that I got later on when my AG phase was on its way out, but Samantha, Felicity, Kirsten, and Molly may just be staying tucked away somewhere until I have a little girl I can share them with.

I mean seriously...this is scary.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Challenge Days 1 & 2

So this weekend marked the official beginning of the October Style Challenge...and we are off to an ok start...
Day one saw me in my pjs for most of the day until I left to go to Church at the amazing Forest Hill.

Shirt-Banana Republic, Jacket-Gap, Jeans-J. Crew, Shoes-Urban Outfitters, Purse-Forever 21, Necklace-Target
 Day 2 however was a problem. I woke up at 6:30 while still at an overnight pet sitting job with an upset stomach, and barely made it home. Needless to say the chances of me getting out of bed to go anywhere were pretty slim. My sweet mom came by to bring me reinforcements and I spent the rest of my sunday sleeping and eating saltines and drinking Ginger Ale....not how I wanted to spend the day at all!!!!

My view for most of Sunday
Even though it was a rough start I am still feeling good about the rest of the month....let's do this!

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