Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tickets, Tickets and more tickets...

Last time I was planning a big trip I was a little OCD on the whole itinerary thing. Which if you ask me worked out great...not sure if my sister would agree seeing that I had to be a little bit of a task master on our European adventure. On one hand we got to see everything she wanted to see and then some; on the other, we were go, go, go and had some free time but it was a pretty tiring journey. This time around I have been a little more relaxed in my planning of what I am calling, London Part Deux. One thing I do know is that there are several plays/concerts I am saving up to see while I am there...they are...

Handel's Messiah at Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Choral Society and The Royal Philharmonic are putting on a performance of Handel's Messiah at Royal Albert Hall on Good Friday. I think this would be a perfect way to start my Easter Weekend in London.

Royal Ballet Cnderella
Mixing my favorite Fairytale with a Ballet twist. I am super excited about this. I have never seen a ballet live before and I can't wait.

The Children's Hour
This play is starring 2 of my favs...Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen from Mad Men. They are performing in this play through the end of June. It looks pretty intense, but I am curious to see them both in real life.

Flare Path
Starring Seinna Miller (Jude Law's ex love) in this 1942 WWII love story. You know how I am a sucker for a good Love story, and it is getting really good reviews.

We Will Rock You
Have been wanting to see this since the first time I went to London 6 years ago. Musical based on the songs of the one and only Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody anyone?

Now I just have to decide what I have the funds for? Fingers crossed I get to see them all ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 day Birthday Fiestas....

I have the best friends...can I brag a little? Ok Maybe I am going to brag a lot...cause they really are amazing people!!! My sweet roomies Kendra and Dawn threw me a Mad Men themed Birthday Party on Saturday night. If you don't watch Mad Men you should. Its amazing...Here are some pics from the evening...
PS If anyone is wondering no real cigarettes were used in the making of this party...They are candy (and didn't taste very good).


My actual Birthday was on Sunday. I took full advantage of the whole day of rest thing, and pretty much did nothing. Went to church Sunday night and my beautiful High School Girls Life Group sang to me and had a cake it was chocolate and so good until i dropped it on the floor. :)

Did I mention they had trick candles, and we almost burnt down the church?

Monday I took the day off and it was Glorious!!! Normally I only take days off when I am going on vacation or am sick. This day was just a mental health day and boy did I need it!
Took care of this pup...

(his BFF Hershey was too busy lounging to smile for me)

Went to On the Border with my sister...

Too busy stuffing my face to take any more pictures...

Finally, ended up at Ikea. The Sulkirk House is getting a new kitchen WHAT UP!!!!!!

I know what you are that is a great Birthday weekend...surely there can't be more.....Oh Yes there is!!!
Got to work this morning to find this...

And this...

And these...

And a Framed picture of our fun times as Mad Men and Women...

Here's to better live up to the hype yo!

Friday, March 25, 2011

28 goals for my 28th year...

In honor of my 28th Brithday on Sunday (hint, hint) I decided I need some goals for this year. People tell me 28 is a good year. So here's hopin'

1. Grow closer to Jesus each day.
2. Go to London-almost completed- I leave in one month!
3. Take the time to listen more and invest into people.
4. Finish this semester with my sweet high school girls, and commit to praying for them while they get ready for college!
5. Learn to play guitar (have had one for 13 years. I think its time)
6. Volunteer more.
7. Plant a garden.
8. Own a beach bike.
9. Get out of debt!!!
10. Start saving to buy my own house.
11. Go to Ireland and Scotland.
12. Visit my sweet Maria after she has her new Baby!!!!
13. Go see another living legend in concert.
14. Paint my Fireplace. It will happen eventually ;)
15. Workout consistently. This has begun. Got to keep it up!
16. Journal more.
17. Be a good aunt and invest more of my time in my nephews and niece.
18. Be a considerate sister, and grow closer to my siblings.
19. Celebrate my 10 year high school reunion!!! Man that makes me feel so old ;)!
20. Don't miss opportunities to show Jesus' love!
21. Blog More.
22. Meet new people and expand my circle of influence.
23. Send people actual mail. Not email!
24. Take more time to explore the city I am blessed to live in.
25. Try new foods I have never had.
26. Take a cooking class.
27. Walk more! (got to keep tracking those steps!)
28. Take more Pictures!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cruisin' down Bunting Avenue

This summer at the cottage I need this...

With this...
And this...

Wearing this...

My Birthday is Sunday...just sayin...nbd.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Music Tuesdays

My current jams for the week...

The Strokes
The new album started streaming today. You can listen to it here.
First song of the album is pretty awesome.

Mumford and Sons
Their album Sigh No More is amazing. Nuff Said.

Arcade Fire
They one the Grammy for Album of the year and here is why.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week in Review...

I know its a Monday and it is supposed to be the start of the week, but I didn't blog last week so here is a quick update...

Had a great time at home for Maria's is the gorgeous Momma to be!!! She is awesome and is going to be a great Mommy!

We started a walking challenge last week at the office. If you walk a certain number of steps each month you get a raffle ticket. After nine months they will draw one of those tickets and the winner gets a free trip for 2 anywhere they want to go!!! Needless to say I am walking my little heart out!

In light of the walking challenge some of us have taken to parking in the back of the parking lot. And parking in front of each other...

My Brother's Birthday was Tuesday. I got to see him for a small moment on Sunday while I was home and gave him his present. He is the best and I am so proud of him!!!

Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. Which of course marked the beginning of my fast which I will do everyday until the day before I leave for London. Which means I will be carb, sugar, coffee, red meat, and kind of dairy (still eating eggs) deprived for the next 40 days. Fun Times!

This weekend I went to a local record store and found a used but in great condition album for my parents. It's a band called Orpheus from the late 1960s and "Can't Find the Time" was my parent's song when they were young teenagers in love. Its awesome.

Lastly, yesterday was Volunteer Appreciation night at Advance, the student ministry at Forest Hill. It was so fun and such an encouragement to me. My high school girls prayed over me and the staff gave me this print that all my girls signed. I am so blessed and honored to work and share life with these awesome girls!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Party time in Lower Slower

This weekend i get to see this girl...

And this girl...(Who also happens to be having a baby!)

And these two kiddos...

And this handsome couple...

And finally the greatest peeps ever...

Its going to be a good weekend....


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