Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NYC Adventures

In a little under a month my dear friend, Erin and I will be taking a much needed weekend trip to one of my favoritest places in the world...New York City. As I am ridiculous and a little OCD...I am putting together an itnerary for our little trip. Erin and I have discussed the "must-dos" for the weeknd and now I am putting everything together in hopes that in 2 and a half days we can fit it all in. The number one thing we both want to accomplish (besides food...which by the way we have already picked out the places we are going to and may or may not have already chosen what we will eat from the menus) is shopping. We are both saving up to go on a major shopping spree while we are there, and even get in some early Christmas shopping as well.

Here are some of the cool places that are on our list (and some items I need to have from each)-

1. H&M-Don't even get me started on the fact that there is not one of these in Charlotte, and that they opened one in Raleigh instead....come on people that's just dumb.
I need these...

2. Topshop-This British brand has finally made its way stateside...with 2 stores one in Chicago and the other in NYC.
This coat definitely says Chanel, but for a lot less.

3. Zara-Everytime I go to Europe this is always on my list of places to go, and they have also finally started to open some stores in the States.
This Leather jacket needs to come home with me....ohh and this dress too.

4. Beacon's Closet- I think Erin and I are the most excited about this great thirft shop located in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.
If only my feet were smaller...

5. Alter-another great little store in Brooklyn that we need to hit..
This jacket is cute too...and a lot cheaper than the one at Zara.

6. FAO Schwarz-the iconic NYC toy store...Erin has never been inside...maybe I will get her to play the large piano from the movie BIG with me ;)

7. American Girl Store-Long gone are the days when I used to tear each new AG catalog to shreds as soon as they arrived and circled and made list of each thing I wanted for Christmas. Now not only can you buy online there are also several stores in the US. Would love to one day take my niece here, but for now will have to make a pit stop for a little early Christmas shopping.
Umm excuse me how cute is this...


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