Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ok I have been not really feelin the whole bloggin thing as of late, and for that I am here's a little update...

My mother, sister and I started a weight loss challenge on June 1st. We got inspiration from the book the 17 Day Diet. Basically it is a diet based on cycles of 17 days. The first 17 days are really strict and then as you get through each cycle new foods are introduced into your diet until you reach the weight you want. It is supposed to help boost your metabolism by changing each cycle. Now I am not normally one to get into weird crazy diets, but I have to say that this has worked. After the first 17 days I have lost almost 10 pounds!! It feels good and I am hoping to continue on with the diet cause frankly I have never felt better.

Needless to say...I was the winner of our little challenge!! Mom and Jennifer now owe me $25 each!!! What Up!!!!!!

In other news...geearing up for the beach in a little under two weeks...I bought a beach bike and it is so cute!!! My sweet dad picked it up at the store so it would be ready for me when I get to Fenwick.

That little Red cottage is calling my name.

Is it Friday yet?


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