Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where the cool kids are these days...

Hey Peeps!!!
Wanted to share the latest and greatest obsession in the social media world with you all...Most of you already know about them, but for those who are new to the school block here are where the cool kids are hanging out.

For iPhone only-Free App

Instagram is similar to Twitter but instead of 140 characters or less, you take a picture. Friends can follow you and like or comment on the pics you take and it is a great way to kind of keep a digital scrapbook of your life. This app is replacing Facebook and Twitter for me more and more. I used it all the time in London and most of the pics you have seen me post on this blog have come from Instagram. Oh by the way, its only available on the iPhone. Sorry Android losers (oops did I say loser, I meant user).


Pinterest is amazing. You can add this link to your Windows or Safari browser that allows you to "pin" things you like or want to different boards. Your friends can follow you and its a great way to share ideas. Whether it be Music, Travel, Food, Design, Movies, Books. You are basically keeping track of things that catch your eye. Its like one massive Christmas List (which is probably why I love I so much). It also takes away from the hassle of "Oh I saw this great Kitchen idea on a blog once, but I can't remember which one." And the other big plus-there's an app for that too.

If you are already on Pinterest or Instagram and would like to follow me. My user name is atheis.


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