Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Mommy,

Thank You...
For being the bestest mom in the whole world.
For always making every bad day go away.
For early morning snuggles when I was a baby.
For scraped knees healed.
For being there for every sporting event, choir concert, recital, play.
For supporting dad and showing me what a woman after God's heart looks like.
For making every Christmas, Birthday, etc magical.
For filling our home with unconditional love and support.
For taking me to get my ears pierced, and teaching me how to wear make up, do my hair, and look like a lady.
For Black Bottom Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
For always wanting to be in the center of the action and at every party.
For being an awesome Mom Mom.
For laughing and crying with me.
For that My Little Pony tent you gave me the Christmas I was 5 and all the presents inside it. That was awesome.
For freaking out a little inside every time I tell you I am going on one of my random trips. You are coming with me next time. Its not up for debate.
For staying up in the middle of the night worried about where I was, what I was doing, who I was with.
For always forgiving me.
For encouraging me in all my many different career ideas. (I know the "Chef" period was your favorite)
For always welcoming me home with open arms.
For teaching me how to cook, clean, do my own laundry, and be a domestic goddess.
For loving my dad for 40 plus years.
For making our house a home, and a place you knew you could come and relax.
For showing me what a servant's heart looks like and how to take care of other people.
Above all thanks for showing me what Jesus looks like.
I am so proud of you and proud to be Pat Theis' daughter.

I love you!


Lorni said...

mmm...i appreciate your mom for her black bottom cupcakes too! and for you of course!

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