Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book It!

Ya'll remember the Book It program when you were in school, right? It was my jam. Being a life long book worm; I always had some free Pizza Hut! I used to read books in the line at school, had teachers take away books I was hiding under my desk, and my parents lecture me about reading at the table. I tend to go through books really quickly. I read the last book in the Harry Potter series in 4 hours. Right after I had finished reading the 6th book. I started at midnight and finally finished at 4am. Yeah, that's how I roll!
I love the feel of a book in my hand, but recently because of a little thing called an iPad I have been downloading a lot of books. Now, reading a real live book is still my preferred method, but the iPad is so easy to travel with that it is coming really close to taking over the top spot.
I received a lot of great book recommendations from the lovely peeps at work for my trip to London. So here is what I have been reading lately. What about you? Any good reads I need to know about?

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Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
It's the new Twilight, but better. No weird Vampire baby storylines to be found I promise.

Behind Palace Walls
Katie Nicholl
The awesome Lindsay Fisher told me I should read this in preparation for the Royal Wedding. Really interesting biography of Prince William and Prince Harry.

A Thousand Gifts
Ann Voskamp
Ann Voskamp has a blog called A Holy Experience. You can check it out here. Its amazing and always has an inspiring or thoughtful message I end up pondering all day. The book is a really good read. Check it!

Water For Elephants
Sara Gruen
Haven't seen the movie yet, but hear it isn't as good as the book (what movie ever is?). Great story about a man who runs away to the circus, and finds more than he expected along the way.


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