Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cover Time...

Ok, my week of jamming to some new tunes has continued...this time with some awesome cover songs...
Here are my current favorites...

First off, My Love for Adele knows no end. This girl's voice is amazing!
Her new album is available on iTunes February 22nd. I will be buying it fo' sho'

Next up, I have already proclaimed my love for The Pierces on my last post, but here is further proof. This version of Lady Gaga's Alejandro is the jam!
Side note-Is anyone else over Gaga and her crazy antics? Its like come on girl if you want to prove how talented you are let the music speak for itself. There is no need to hatch out of an egg or wear a raw meat dress to prove you are talented.
Thanks for letting me get that are The Pierces.

Most peeps know Sara Bareilles is my girl. She always does a great job if putting a new spin on songs that you would not think would sound good. I love her so much that I have included two songs. The first being a cover of Coldplay's Yellow and the second Beyonce's Single Ladies.

Finally, my favoritest band ever...Coldplay and their version of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean.


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