Monday, July 18, 2011

Julia Child I am not...

A long, long time ago I decided that I wanted to be a chef. I was on a food network kick one summer I think it was before my 5th or 6th grade year of school. Not sure, but anyway. I watched Food Network and took notes, went with my mom to the store and made my parents try some dishes. I loved it. All of it. I wanted to own a restaurant and know all there is to know about food.
Then reality hit and I realized restaurant hours are not fun, and my other dream of being a stay at home mommy was not likely to work well in that scenario.
Oh well...I still think it would be so fun to own a little cafe somewhere. You know with quaint tables on a terrace where people could eat good food, and read or work or just people watch. It would be awesome.
Ok all that to say that I love food...and cooking food and baking food. And I love reading about here are some cookbooks that I have decided need to be in my collection.

My Father's Daughter
By Gwyneth Paltrow

This was on my wish list until an hour ago...when I went to Target and it was on sale...soooo now its coming home with me. Yippee!!!!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking
By Julia Child

Every Day Italian
By Giada De Laurentis

Back to Basics
By Barefoot Contessa

Anybody else have any wonderful cookbooks I need to add to my list?


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