Monday, July 26, 2010

New Roomie, cereal, and sore arms

Well, over the 3 years I have lived at the Sulkirk house I have had a revolving door of roommates. Eden first, then Dawn, then Cori, then Kim, then Dawn again, and now my sweet friend Kendra is moving in this week. We work together and have been friends for about a year so there will be some carpooling going on, and she will have to put up with me and my dorkiness. (I mean really who else gets excited about a sparkingly clean oven and alphabatizing all our DVDs?) I'm excited for her to move in, she would say its because of her Record player, Corn hole set, Nintendo, and movie collection, but really its cause she is awesome, loves Jesus a lot, and is pretty much one of the coolest peeps I know. In an effort to prepare for her to move in I have been doing little things around the house. Sunday, I decided to re-arrange my living room while eating a bowl of cereal. Pushed a huge entertainment center across the room got halfway there and thought, "why am I doing this?"  It was already passed the point of no return. One hour later and two very sore arms it was done. Then proceeded to repaint my coffee table; it looks like milk chocolate. I'm going to ride this new burst of interior design energy as long as I can.

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