Friday, June 25, 2010

App Craze

My current favorite Apps for the iPhone-

Local Concerts-I can find out who is playing in town and it even syncs with my ipod so I can find out if anyone I listen to often is coming. 

Bump It-just fun because you have to really interact with someone in order for it to work. Just pull up a picture or contact in the app and bump phones with another iphone user and the information syncs onto their phone. Its like magic!

Concert Vault-Ever thought I really wish I could have seen Stevie Wonder live back in the 70s? With this app you can listen to old live recordings of some of the best musical artists of all time. 

Taste Kid-Weird name-awesome app-just type in the name of a book, movie or musical artist and it will suggest other things similar you may like.

Hipstamatic-Its a way to be more creative than just a normal camera. And the pictures look so pretty. 

Trip It-Just email your reservation confirmations to and the app organizes everything for you in one place and calculates directions to and from destinations. 

RATP-This app is going to come in handy when Jen and I are in Paris-it has a map of the Paris Metro and RER system for easy navigation around the City of Lights. 

Escargo-A great app to ensure Jen and I don't end up eating something really weird and nasty while in Paris. 

London Tube-Similar to the Paris app-It helps navigate the London Tube and tells you how long it will take from point A to point B and which stops to take.

Lingolook French-Great app that includes flash cards for Essential French phrases for when Jen and I don't know how to say "Where is the airport?" in French. 


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